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Title: Introduction To The Dresser Measurement System Of Transfer Testing
Author: R. B. Crawford
Source: 1966 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 1966
Abstract: Field testing of gas meters is receiving increasing attention because of the potentially attractive savings in time and expense over procedures requiring meter removal and shop testing. With many larger meters now in service, new and better field testing methods have been sought. Attention has turned to Ihe use of a field calibration method which compares the field meter with the known accuracy of a reference or master meter. Such a method, called transfer proving, has been finding increasing use in Ihe last few years. In 1963 Mr. L. J. Kemp presented a discussion and demonstration of the transfer prover developed by Southern California Gas Company. Their system which uses a rotary meter as Ihe master meter, has progressed to the stage where a number of transfer provers are in daily use. and their efforts have provided valuable experience in establishing the transfer prover as a useful field test method.

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