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Title: Orifice Meter Tube Dimensional Tolerances
Author: Rod Dent
Source: 2003 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2003
Abstract: The orifice meter tube is the most widely used method of fluid measurement currently in use in the petroleum industry. Orifice fittings and orifice flanges developed to insert, retract, and hold the orifice plate in the meter tube in a dimensionally defined manner, are commonly used in meter tube assemblies. Each component of this meter tube assembly (normally welded and/or flanged together) must meet dimensional specifications of industry recommendations and standards (latest revisions) such as American Gas Association (AGA) Report No. 3-Part 2, the American Petroleum Institute (API) Chapter 14 section 3, ANSI, and ASME to name a few. This paper will discuss the manufacturing and fabrication dimensional tolerances involved in the design and construction of meter tubes.

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