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Title: Prospects For Pipeline Delivery Of Hydrogen As A Fuel And As A Chemical Feedstock
Author: Derek P. Gregory, Nicholas P. Biederman, Kenneth G. Darrow, Jr., Alex J. Konopka, Jaroslav Wurm
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: For some years, considerable research attention has been given to a long-range concept in which hydrogen gas is used as the major carrier of energy. As nonfossil energy sources such as nuclear or solar energy become more important in the national energy economy, it will also become important to devise new ways of storing and carrying energy obtained from these forms to their ultimate users. Traditionally, electricity has been considered as the way to do this, but these raw energy sources could also be used to split water apart into its elements- hydrogen and oxygen and to use the hydrogen as the storable, transportable energy form.

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