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Title: Design Of A New Calibration Facility For Hydrocarbon Flow At 0.1 To 15 m3/h
Author: Ryouji Doihara, Takashi Shimada, Yoshiya Terao, Masaki Takamoto
Source: 2006 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2006
Abstract: The NMIJ has established a national primary standard facility for large oil flow rates (3 - 300 m3/h). Currently, another calibration line is being constructed in order to extend the calibration range to smaller flow rates, below 0.1 m3/h. This middle oil flow primary standard facility applies a static and gravimetric method with flying start and finish. A rotating double wing diverter (RDWD) and improved weighing tank system have been developed for this new facility. Experiments have been carried out on a small prototype rig (water) in advance of constructing the new oil facility. After adjustment of the start and stop signal timings, the diverter timing error was certain to fall within 1 ms.

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