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Title: Revision Of The Plastic Pipe Manual
Author: Thomas P. Crean
Source: American Gas Association 1983
Year Published: 1983
Abstract: The A.G.A. Plastic Pipe Manual for Gas Service focuses on the use of plastic piping for gas distribution systems. Information is presented on plastic materials, piping components, and design and installation procedures covered in codes and standards for plastic gas piping at the time of publication. The manual analyzes and summarizes data from research facilities, manufacturers, trade associations, and users. It is prepared for use with Title 49, Part 192 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Transportation of Natural and Other Gas by Pipelines, Minimum Federal Safety Standards, and other referenced ASTM standards. The Plastic Materials Committee recognizes the manual material does not include the complete details of available information on plastic pipe. New knowledge from research, innovations in plastic technology by supphers and users, and modernization of referenced codes and standards tend, over time, to make obsolete each addition of the manual. As the manual is intended to serve both suppliers and users as a condensed framework of reference on the use of plastic piping systems for natural gas service, periodic revision is required. The Plastic Materials Committee (PMC) is committed to the periodic updating of the manual.

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