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Title: Quality Control In Plastic Distribution System Construction
Author: Parley Merrill
Source: American Gas Association 1980
Year Published: 1980
Abstract: Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PGandE), with operating headquarters in San Francisco, Calif, is a diverse gas and electric utility serving a population of more than 9.1 million customers in northern and centra! California. The Gas Operations portion of PGandE serves 2.8 million gas customers in 37 counties in northern and central California with a majority of our customers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our greatest growth of new customers is occurring in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, where we are annually supplying service to more than 35,000 new customers, as compared to a system total of more than 66,000 new customers. PGandE annually transports and delivers more than 830 Bcf of gas through more than 4,800 miles of transmission and 28,000 miles of distribution main.

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