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Title: Water Mass Measurement In Parts For Volume Standard Calibration In The Key
Author: Valter Yoshihiko Aibe
Source: Flomeko 2007
Year Published: 2007
Abstract: This work describes the procedures used in the CIPM Key Comparison Volume comparison (CCM.FF-K.4) at the National Metrology Institute of Brazil (Inmetro). Two types of Transfer Standards (TS) were used, three 20dm3 metal pipettes and six 100cm3 glass pycnometers. Although Inmetro possesses a 60 kg comparator balance with a resolution of 0.01 g, the absence of a centralizer platform prevented its use in the calibration of the 20dm3 pipettes. Therefore, a smaller, 5 kg balance with 0,0 lg of resolution was used instead. The results obtained with the smaller balance were better than it would be possible with the larger, 60 kg balance. In order to measure a 20 kg water mass using a 5 kg balance, the water mass was distributed into 5 recipients. These were weighted separately, so that the total water mass was obtained by summing the masses up. A procedure was used to minimize and to account for water loss and evaporation. Although a simpler and cheaper instrument than the comparator balance was used, excellent CCM.FF-K4 results were obtained, as published in Arias et al (2006) 1.

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