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Title: Development Of Procedure To Determine Measurement Uncertainty Fof Capacity Test For Manual Gas Valves
Author: Robert B. Deremer
Source: 2008 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 2008
Abstract: CSA International is an independent, third party testing laboratory specializing in safety and performance testing of consumer products. The tests on gas appliances are contained in nationally-recognized standards that are developed under ANSI procedures. Each appliance standard contains requirements that all of the gas control devices used on the appliance comply with applicable gas control device standards. Virtually all of the gas control device standards contain a test to measure the gas flow capacity of the control. The information from the capacity test is used by the gas control manufacturer to establish ratings for the control, and also by the appliance manufacturers to allow them to properly size the control to the appliance design. The capacity test consists of the measurement of numerous parameters, and the combination of the results of these measurements into a prescribed equation to determine the flow capacity of the gas control. There is an uncertainty associated with each of the measured values, which must be evaluated in order to evaluate the overall measurement uncertainty in the calculated gas control capacity. This paper serves as a good illustration on how to combine the measurement uncertainty results from numerous single discreet measurements to obtain the measurement uncertainty in a result calculated from the discreet measurements. An analysis on the development of sensitivity coefficients is included.

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