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Title: Systematic investigations of cylindrical nozzles acc. ISO 9300 down to throat diameters of 125 m
Author: Bodo Mickan Ching-Yi Kuo Min Xu
Source: 2018 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2018
Abstract: In the recent years, several papers have been published dealing with toroidial nozzles according to the definitions of the ISO 9300. Compared to this, publications about cylindrical nozzles of this standard are quite rare. This paper presents the discharge coefficients cD of 103 cylindrical nozzles covering a range of throat diameters from 10 mm down to 125 m and Reynolds numbers from Re 1250 to Re 7.7?105, extending the actual ISO9300 (Re 3.5?105 to Re 1.1?107) to much lower Reynolds numbers. The nozzles origin from 10 different batches and have been effectively analyzed regarding the dependency of cD versus Re. This analysis is supported by numerical determinations of cD derived from the shape using a numerical integral solution of the momentum equation of the boundary layer 1. The numerical determinations are linked to the real nozzles via dimensional shape measurements using a profile scanner 2 for two examples.

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