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Title: Comparison Test Between The Light Oil Flow Standard System And Calibration System By Using The Turbine Flowmeter Package
Author: Ki Won Lim
Source: Flomeko 2007
Year Published: 2007
Abstract: A Light Oil Flow Standard System (LOFSS) at the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) was established as a primary national standard system for a hydrocarbon flow. The expended uncertainty of the flow quantity determination was estimated as 0.04 %. The calibration of the oil flowmeter used for the transaction and process control in industry was a main reason for the establishment of LOFSS. Practically, the measuring conditions, which were highly influential on the flowmeter characteristics, were different. In particular, the physical properties of the fluid including the density and the viscosity were affected by the stability of the fluid temperature under varying flow conditions. In addition, the calibrators used in industry varied and included a gravimetric device, a piston prover and a master meter calibrator.

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