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Title: Dvances In Spheroid Meter Prover Design Technology
Author: Charles J. Mentz
Source: 1990 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1990
Abstract: The Mechanical Displacement Meter Prover is a transfer standard allowing easy, on-line calibration of flow meters in liquid service. The proving device is sized for a specific volume and is calibrated using certified volumetric test measures traceable to a national standard - such as NIST in the United States. A meter is then calibrated by comparing the meter reading against the known prover volume. in essence, meter proving is a sampling technique in which the meter is calibrated by making a series of successive proof runs and comparing the results for repeatability. In custody transfer measurement, the expected level of system repeatability is at least five (5) proof runs within a tolerance of 0.05 percent.

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