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Title: Flow and energy quantification impacts using a method out of recommended interval for determining physicochemical properties of the Gas
Author: Maria Yaneth Diaz Garcia Fernando Eliseo Solares Zaval Gerardo Ortega Montiel Wendy Rodriguez Muiz Juan Francisco de la Cruz Castro
Source: 2018 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2018
Abstract: The present study pretends to highlight the influence of physicochemical parameters such as compressibility and heat power in the volume and energy quantification, considering cases when the variable (Z) is calculated from a method outside the intervals (composition) recommended for its application (Gross method), for the study of this presented case, the flow conditions have a compressibility factor of 0.89928 with the Gross 1 method and 0.90702 with the Detailed method, these values have an influence on the determination of the adjusted heat value (ratio heat value and compressibility), obtaining a real net heat value of 39,150 MJ/m3 @ Z (Gross 1) and 38,816 MJ/m3 @ Z (Detail). It is possible to analyze how compressibility directly influences the flow determination, which can be considered when theres changes in the composition aand the necessary controls are not analyzed or established to monitor if changes are required in the models used in the computer flow.

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