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Title: 1985 Changes In AGA-3
Author: R. G. Teyssandier
Source: 1986 Gulf Coast Measurement Short Course (Now called ASGMT)
Year Published: 1986
Abstract: The basic flow measurement document for natural gases and other hydrocarbon fluids has been revised and affirmed as an American National Standard. This paper is a brief overview of the changes made between the first and second editions of the standard. AN3I/API-2530, or as more commonly called in the gas Industry AGA-3, has been extensively revised. The extent of the revision has been primarily in the format rather than in the substance of the document since very little new information was available at the time of revision. This revision of AGA-3 was made primarily to conform to ANSI regulations which require either a revision or reaffirmation of a U.S. standard every five years. In this revision several general considerations were always in the forefront.

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