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Title: Flow Conditioning For Fluid Flow Measurement
Author: Blaine Sawchuk
Source: 2017 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2017
Abstract: Some excerpts and graphics of this paper have been previously presented at the American Gas Association Operations Conference, Orlando Florida 2000, and The International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement, 2016, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The American Gas Association (AGA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) provide metering guidelines for orifice, ultrasonic, turbine, and other gas and liquid phase meters. In all of the metering recommendations, flow conditioning (FC) devices are recommended for a meter run. The function of the FC is to prepare the pipe flow to allow the flow meter to work as intended. Fundamentally, the function of a FC is to minimize metering facility life cycle costs: capital, operating, error costs. This is why FCs are always a popular topic of discussion, they establish those capital and operating costs for the metering facility right from the meter station design stage. Not all FCs are created equal and measurement error due to a poor design or installation could even be an additional unforeseen measurement error legal cost not included in this analysis.

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