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Title: Design Considerations For The Cove Point LNG Terminal
Author: R. C. Van Meerbeke
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: The title design considerations is sufficiently ambiguous to allow an author to discuss whatever comes to mind, which I have taken the liberty to do, as time does not permit complete coverage of the Cove Point project. Specific design details have been treated in previously published papers and although there will be some overlap, this paper will attempt to concentrate on areas of interest not already covered. Cove Point is one of two final steps (the other being the Savannah Terminal) in what has become known as the El Paso I Project to transport natural gas from the Hassi RMel field in Algeria to east coast U.S. markets. The terminal site is located on Chesapeake Bay, 50 miles southeast of Washington, D.C., and about 4 miles south of Baltimore Gas and Electrics nuclear power plant in Calvert County, Maryland.

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