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Title: Mercury In Natural Gas
Author: L. L. Phannenstiel, C. Mckinley, J. C. Sorensen
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: An article on Groningen natural gas reported the mercury content of the natural gas to be as high as 180 micrograms per normal cubic meter (g/nm) 10 g/nm 1.1 part per billion (ppb) by volume. Indicated mercury content of other natural gas streams reported to or measured by Air Products range to concentrations as low as 0.001 g/nm. Analyzing for mercury in such low concentrations is an extremely difficult task. Results can be subject to error from atmospheric contamination of the sample and interference of other trace compounds in the natural gas. Analytical approaches studied included direct measurement, chemical reaction techniques, and approaches involving first concentrating the mercury and then releasing it into a direct mercury measuring instrument.

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