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Title: Design Of Miniature Disposable Flow Sensors For Medical Applications
Author: Jian Luo, Yenan Liu, Xiaoping Liao And Jiliang Ruan
Source: Flomeko 2010
Year Published: 2010
Abstract: The demands in homecare in North America and Europe have required cost effective disposable flow sensors for avoiding cross contamination and other damages. Examples are the infusion pumps and personal ventilators. For the infusion pump applications, a miniature liquid flow sensor is required to handle the micro flow during the injection of the medicine so that a constant injection can ensure the patient with ultimate comfort and prevention of side effects. This application also requires microfluidic design for the flow range of 0-500mL/hr. A MEMS flow sensor designed with the extended range capability could be the choice for this purpose. In this paper we present the design and prototype of such a sensor.

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