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Title: Field Operation Of A Portable Piston Prover For Testing Gas Meters
Author: Ronald E. Beaty
Source: American Gas Association 1991
Year Published: 1991
Abstract: The ability to calibrate meters while they are installed in the piping configuration that is normal used for the operation is necessary for optimum accuracy. Amoco is using a bi-directional gas piston prover for this application with outstanding success. Although the operating concept is similar to the bi-directional liquid prover, the design is quite unique. The design and calibration of the double wall piston prover are fully discussed. The prover, which is truck mounted for ease of transportation, is connected to a duel turbine meter manifolded. The manifold is designed to allow either meter to be used individually or in parallel for master metering. Operational experience with testing field turbine meters in situ routinely demonstrate repeatabilities of 0.5% under the worst conditions. At higher pressures and greater flow rates, repeatabilities of 0.1 to 0.2 are normally achieved. The new orifice meter standard allows for in situ calibration which can easily be accomplished with the prover and master meter combination.

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