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Title: Gas Conditioning Before Measurement
Author: John R. Rumbaugh
Source: 1976 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to give a brief and general description of devices that can be used in removing impurities from the gas stream. It is not intended that the devices listed and described are the best devices available, or that a complete listing of devices available will be covered. The devices described are ones that we have used or are being used in our operational area. Impurities found in the gas stream consist of water, crude oil, pipe scaling, salt, sulpher, drilling mud, geological formation materials, etc. Water, in either the liquid or vapor form, is the most prevalent of the impurities found and in controlling and removing it from the gas stream, most of the otehr impurities will also be removed. With any of these impurities present, inaccurate, erratic measurement and usually slopped meters will result.

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