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Title: Lng-Peakshaving In Continental Europe
Author: Karlheinz Muller
Source: American Gas Association 1980
Year Published: 1980
Abstract: There is a variety of possibilities to approach the headline of this paper, depending on the point of view of the person or professional group concerned, as there may be: the utility company, which has to take care of securing the gas supply during peakload periods as well as it has to consider the economics of a facility to be installed, the operating personnel, which has to operate such a facility, the engineering company, deciding the plant to be offered on the basis of defined economical parameters, the plant location and public regulations. However those parameters may be subject to revision due to learning processes of the negotiating partners. This paper is supposed to indicate the highlights of the possible aspects. For that purpose it may be worthwhile to give a summary of the past and to try a judgement of the present situation.

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