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Title: Energy Measurement Following A.G.A. Report No. 5
Author: Bruce J. Caldwell
Source: American Gas Association 1976
Year Published: 1976
Abstract: Current fuel gas pricing, together whh an unsated gas market, has created an awareness of the chemistry of gases heretofore unknown. Previously, at a time of plentiful gas supply at low cost, there was little inducement to examine minutely the elastic cubic foot. Seemingly the needs of the industry were served so long as the metered gas would burn, irrespective of its heat conteni in relation to cost. Now, however, both shortages and rising costs are creating demands for equity. Therefore, it becomes obvious there is no good subsiitute for a thermal energy yardstick in the custody transfer of fuel gases, Historically, the mechanics for finding the thermal energy content of a pound or cubic foot of gas have been both costly and time consuming, Otherwise, it is quite likely the cubic foot would have been long supplanted by an energy measure, even at a time when gas was cheap and plentiful. At an earlier date there was less economic justification for the purchase of calorimeters and extended effort to enable thermal energy custody transfers.

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