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Title: Development Of A Compact Header Orifice Meter Station
Author: Thomas B. Morrow, Eric Kelner, James E. Gallagher
Source: American Gas Association 2000
Year Published: 2000
Abstract: Orifice meter installation effects tests using currently available flow conditioners and straightening vanes were performed in the Gas Research Institute (GRI) Metering Research Facility (MRF) Low Pressure Loop to evaluate the feasibility of reducing the size, footprint, and weight of a multi-tube meter/header installation by approximately 50%. Capital savings due to such a size reduction for typical offshore flow meter installations are estimated to be on the order of 250,000 to 500,000 (1999 U.S. dollars) per offshore structure. Sliding flow conditioner tests were performed in a 4-inch (102-mm) diameter orifice meter tube with an upstream length of 10 pipe diameters for (1) good flow conditions, (2) meter tube installed downstream of a tee, and (3) meter tube installed in a compact header configuration. Three versions of the Gallagher flow conditioner and a K-Lab flow conditioner without tabs or vanes performed well in the compact header configuration for orifice diameter ratios up to and including 0.75. These results show the feasibility of a compact header/meter tube arrangement. A Joint Industry Program (JIP) will be proposed to design, fabricate and evaluate the performance of a prototype compact header/orifice meter installation for offshore applications where space and weight must be minimized.

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