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Title: Test Instruments And Recorders For Specific Gravity
Author: A. R. Kahmann
Source: 1970 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1970
Abstract: Computation of natural gas flow volume, when measured by orifice meter, is made by using the formula Q, C X VHwPr where G is the quantity, Hw is the differential, and Pf the absolute static pressure, with C being a constant. The constant C is only constant for a certain specified set of conditions, and in practice is made up of numerous factors including the basic orifice factor, the Reynolds number factor, the expansion factor, the pressure base factor, temperature base factor, flowing temperature factor, specific gravity factor, super-compressibility factor and manometer factor. In order to determine these factors the values of the quantities from which they are derived must either be assumed or measured. This paper will deal with those instruments measuring specific gravity. (For further details of the flow computation refer to A.G.A. Gas Measurement Report No. 3).

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