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Title: Step-Down Procedure Of Sonic Nozzles Calibration
Author: Jae Myoung Limf, Bok Hyun Yunf, Hae Man Choi, Kyung Am Park
Source: Flomeko 2007
Year Published: 2007
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to develop the step-down technology of sonic nozzle calibration in very small gas flow rate required in the fields of semiconductor process and NT(Nano Technology). To reach the aim mentioned above the following measuring method was developed. Firstly, several sonic nozzles of the same throat diameters with the same configuration were manufactured and calibrated by means of the standard measurement system. Then a group of sonic nozzles with the similar characteristics was selected. Lastly one of those sonic nozzles is installed upstream, and two or N of the others downstream. In this way characteristics of downstream sonic nozzles were obtained at the low flow rate.

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