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Title: Security Surveillance
Author: Dominic A. Furlano
Source: 2005 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2005
Abstract: The need for security at many important buildings and utility locations has become a major issue recently.There are many intrusion,motion and illegal entry alarming devices that have been used in the past and their usage has increased dramatically. Security systems are a growing business and the addition of surveillance capabilities has dramatically improved the performance of those systems The cost to add video cameras and recorders to the list of devices available is no longer considered a major expense. The increased use of video cameras and recorders is evident in the daily news reports of accidents,burglaries,personal attacks,and robberies. The ability to record the incident on video equipment and replayed for investigations and identification of the violators or attackers has resulted in faster crime solving and undoubtably acts as a deterent to would be criminals or terrorists.

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