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Title: Problems Unique In Offshore Gas Measurement
Author: David Wofford
Source: 2008 International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Year Published: 2008
Abstract: First, we need to clear up a few common misperceptions. Measurement is Measurement is Measurement. Natural gas compounds dont think, metering and analytical systems dont care whether they are over water or dirt, and measurement standards are not only relevant to specific time zones. These are not intellectual beings that choose to exhibit behaviors based upon geography, culture, socioeconomics, political doctrine or the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment. Hydrocarbons are Hydrocarbons, Meters are Meters and Standards are Standards. Natural gas behaviors are defined within the laws of chemistry and physics. When hydrocarbons are extracted from the Earth, heated, cooled, filtered, swirled, separated, condensed, compressed, expanded, processed, refined, transported via a pipeline and quantified by a metering system, the hydrocarbon compounds dont care whether they are in the snow covered Rockies, windy West Texas, sunny Southern California or a hundred miles out to sea in the Gulf of Mexico. Hydrocarbon behaviors are non-discriminatory just equal opportunity combustible molecular structures seeking physical equilibrium in a man made world of cylindrical manipulation and containment.

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