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Title: Use Of Infra-Red Tracer Techniques In Gas Measurement
Author: Tony D. Watkin
Source: 1966 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1966
Abstract: Flow measurement by means of velocity tracer involves timing the passage of an injected tracer material between two points which are a known distance apart. Flow rate is then equal to the product of the velocity found by this means and the pipe area. The idea of measuring flow rates by this method originated about 1921 when Allen and Taylor conducted tests to determine the feasibility of measuring high volume water flows by the salt velocity principle. The increase in conductivity caused by introducing a charge of salt into the flow was detected by one or more pairs of electrodes located at points H .mmnmiiiiinw inwwiwiinuipi mv wmmmmmmm:im nasi downstream. Tests run both in the laboratory and in the field yielded accuracies of the order of 0.5 percent with good repeatability.

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