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Title: Performance Evaluation Of Gas Storage Wells Through Field Testing
Author: Alan Brannon
Source: 2005 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2005
Abstract: Gas Storage wells are continually evaluated by comparing well tests over time to determine if there has been any deterioration in performance. This is typically accomplished by performing certain types of tests on a pre-determined schedule. One of these methods involves performing a flow test where a well is flowed at several rates for certain durations. This type of testing is referred to as back pressure testing, where the well in question is tested at these predetermined rates and static shut in pressures before each of the flows are recorded and the final end of duration flowing pressures and rates are recorded. These tests can be performed while on injection or withdrawal but are typically performed on injection when the source gas can be controlled and the demands on the system are not as critical as they are during the withdrawal season when pipeline supply is being supplemented by storage withdrawals. Well tests that are performed on a continual basis can be collectively reviewed by the technician or engineer to determine if degradation in performance is indicated or if the well has responded to remedial operations. Also, these welltests can be used to predict overall storage field performance under certain conditions to help in deciding if various storage services are viable.

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