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Title: Successful Implementation And Use Of Multiphase Meters
Author: ystein Fossa Gordon Stobie Arnstein Wee
Source: 2009 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2009
Abstract: Allocation of production using multiphase meters offers significant benefits in terms of both CAPEX and OPEX. For successful implementation, it is important to have thorough understanding of the application and identify the main issues which influence the performance of the multiphase meter. In order to find a workable solution, the need for metering functions, installation requirements and operation procedures must be addressed. In order to perform accurate measurement of oil, water and gas production the measurement principle needs to be able to cover a wide range of flow rates and combinations of oil water and gas. This is particularly important for slug flow applications where the flow may instantly change from multiphase to wetgas flow conditions and improper use or design of the meter may introduce significant measurement uncertainties. It is also important to understand the influence on the measurements related to uncertainty in PVT configuration data and how this can be dealt with in a practical and cost effective manner. An extensive operator driven development and qualification program has been performed by 10 oil companies in co-operation with MPM to develop a solution that can handle a wide range of operating conditions and be tolerant to significant uncertainties in the PVT configuration data. This paper presents the technical principles of the MPM meter, some multiphase metering challenges which needs to be overcome and the test results from a blind test of the meter at Ekofisk, a field located in the North Sea, operated by ConocoPhillips.

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